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Trusted partners who can preserve your legacy and grow your business to the next step

About us

BRATT & CHELSEA is founded with a misson to acquire, operate and grow one outstanding business. We are not a private equity or a strategic buyer and we are fully focussed on one business.

Investment Criteria


  • Fragmented, target growing industry

  • Strong market position

  • A track record of profitability and growth

  • Strong management team, operating policies and procedures, and committed employees.


  • Enterprise value of $10m - $50m

  • EBIDTA of $2m+

  • High profit margins (35% or more)

  • Revenue that is recurring or predictable

  • History of profitability and cash flow


  • Owner seeking liquidity and exit

  • Business looking to divest its non-core business

  • In search of a succession plan

  • Personal reasons - such as family planning/completion of higher education/time constraints/other opportunity



Our team combines industry knowledge and management experience that extends from firms to businesses spanning a diverse range of industry segments and geographies. We are committed to the long-term success of your business by serving your employees, clients, partners, and the broader community


Our Approach



We believe in communicating openly, honestly, and transparently.  We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and expect the same of our partners.


We would like to respect your legacy, your organization, employees, and customers. We want to build on top of what you have achieved so far respecting the culture you have developed in your organization.


We are flexible to meet seller’s needs. We will work with you to make an exit plan that suits your needs whether it is complete exit or transition over a period of time.


Long Term Focus

We aim to give our sole focus and complete dedication to your business only. We intend to grow your legacy with a long term view. 


We are looking to acquire one great business. We will relocate and manage daily operations as the company’s full time CEO.

Value Creation

We are focused on sustainable value creation for all the stakeholders, namely the shareholders, employees, vendors, clients and the community. We are passionate about utilizing environmental, social, and governance factors appropriately for every industry we get involved.

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